Connecting You with YourSelf

Awareness is the first step. The sessions, courses, groups and one on one support I offer assists you with awareness and support you on the pathway to align your choices with your desires.  

What if you supported your choices, over controlling them? Which feels better, attempting to control yourself or simply choosing what is good for you from a place of self-love?

  • What do you want to choose?
  • With love, how much can you allow?
  • Whose in charge of your choices?
  • Who benefits or loses because of them.

What is unconditional self-love to you?

When you think-talk with yourself do you feel uplifted, inspired and deeply loved? 

Do you find yourself in blame, a victim, or defensive thinking patterns?  Do you want others to change or think differently when you face challenging situations with them? 

Would you like to learn who and why you think and act the way you do from at a core level?  

Are you ready to explore your choices? 

Do you know you always have a choice?  Have you heard of your Free Will?  Do you understand it? 

Have you heard of Reon Schutte?  Click on this link to learn about his journey to understand the power of his choices. 

Another way to explore your choices is by understanding who you are and what you do.  The Enneagram wisdom provides a path to do just that.  It helped me and millions of others and I know it can support your journey.  

You are invited to explore the tabs to the left; take a class, workshop or course, join an ongoing circle, schedule a private one-on-one session, or explore in a retreat.  

                      You have a choice, choose the one that honors your Soul!
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You have Power! It's in your choices.

                     Individualized support to inspire your highest way of being!

Thank you for visiting Connecting You with YourSelf.  

"Living at highest expression is like nothing else you will ever experience.  

Rather than feeling exhausted, and always in need of a vacation, your highest expression way of Being fills you with energy, inspiration, and ideas. When you spend the time to develop a solid relationship with yourself, doors open.  You experience clarity and connection to your higher knowing. Your life becomes meaningful, with authentic and harmonious relationships."

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