Connecting You with YourSelf

 Nancy J. Markow  Empowerment Energy Intuitive

Simple Mindful Practice:

Ask yourself multiple times a day (check-in): 

What am I thinking?  Does it align with my desired experience? 

What am I feeling? Does it support my desired way of being? 

What am I doing?  Are my actions supporting my health and well-being? 

Making these three little questions part of your daily practice will create awareness that can and will change your life!

When you deepen your relationship with yourself, you invest in your most important relationship. 
You connect with your deepest needs and desires. You align with your confidence and purpose in all your relationships because you know who you are and what you want.  When you have a solid relationship with yourself, you can truly begin to have a relationship with others and the world in joyful and rewarding ways.  

The most important relationship in your life 
is the one you have with YourSelf

Connecting You with YourSelf assists with shifting and aligning perception with desired outcomes.   Services are rooted in science and spiritual principals which support empowered living.  

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Living your purpose is like nothing else you will ever experience. 
Rather than being exhausted and always in need of a vacation, 
your purpose feeds you with energy, inspiration and ideas. 

There is a reason for why you are here; you have a purpose for being you.  When you are on purpose you naturally feel juicy and alive; authentic and empowered.   Understanding who and why you are begins a most important part of the journey; fully accepting and loving yourself. 

Falling in love with your-Self results in the beginning of a release of self-sabotaging habits.  I support you in connecting with your inner wisdom; creating a conscious Essence & ego partnership.  
I am an Empowerment Energy Intuitive - I am not a licensed therapist, coach or doctor.

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Connecting You with YourSelf
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