Connecting You with YourSelf

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Thank you for checking me out!  I am not a doctor, therapist or a life coach.  I am a teacher with a deep passion for empowerment and a path that has allowed me to learn from some amazing teachers. 

Everything I share I have personally explored and tried out, sometimes even wrestled with.  I ultimately found success and growth with every tool and I share them knowing one or more will work for you. 

The ideas, tools, and perspectives I share with you will include consideration of your unique lens (Enneagram Type);  your gifts, challenges, and perspectives.  My passion is to help you to see the lies of the immature ego that cover up your own wisdom and cause you to forget your wholeness.  

Below are a few little stories and bits of information about me and how I came to offer Connecting You with YourSelf services and support. 

At the age of 20, in January of 1979, (I had been on my own since 17), I quit my job, left my boyfriend and everything I knew and bought a one-way plane ticket to Denver, Colorado.  I could not have called it inner guidance at the time, I was unaware of the term, it was, however, a strong Knowing. I had to go to Colorado, even though I could not tell anyone why and people thought me to be taking a strange and big risk.

I also had the feeling that if I did not go, my Soul would die.

So in a feasible way, I stored my few belongings in a friends garage, packed a practical suitcase (a small pot, can-opener, fork, sleeping bag, a variety of clothing, etc.)  and took my first ever plane flight.  

The reality of needing to be 21 to rent a car quickly occurred to me, I was a few months short.  A slight panic crossed my mind, and then the need for survival pushed me to walk up to the Avis counter, where I handed the clerk my credit card and drivers license. I was rented a car no questions asked!! 

With no clear plan or idea of where to go, the adventure began.  

Colorado has been so good to me!   Over the years, I navigated a marriage, having children, a big house, and a dog.  Inner guidance helped navigate a divorce, buying a townhouse myself, and seeing my daughters off to college and beyond.  I dabbled in many different income opportunities, classes, certifications, and lots of self-growth.  In 2008 I aligned with romance, and a second marriage in 2011.  Paul and I enjoy our diverse adult children, who we visit in various states; a comfy townhome that faces open space (total zen), lots of travel and each other.  I reflect daily that we are living the life of our dreams. 

Connecting You with YourSelf was formed in 2008.  Inner guidance once again was strong for this big leap.  The practices I share evolved from studies in Metaphysics, Intuitive Studies, the Enneagram and more.  My personal passion for empowerment and the value of self-awareness and self-reflection found its pathway for expression.  My instinctive ability to connect, assist and experience, coupled with an intuitive sense, was launched.

At Connecting You with YourSelf, I offer intuitive insights, illustrate how the laws of energy work and offer practical tools and perspectives for your consideration.  I have used these tools and practices to successfully create my dream life; I know they work when embraced.  

The courses I offer illuminate the importance of a loving relationship with your-Self; balancing input from your intuitive and logical mind, and consciously aligning thoughts, feelings, and actions with the highest expression. 

In 2013 I obtained my yoga teacher training certification and added yoga and meditation as a way to support personal empowerment.  I began teaching at Club USA on Wednesday mornings shortly after and in 2018 I added teaching at Rishi's Community yoga, where I had been offering a monthly Experiential Meditation previously. 

What feels like magic continues to unfold -  I believe it can happen to anyone, you too!  
I look forward to meeting and supporting you on your unique and wonderful journey.  Please reach out with any questions. 

Nancy J. Markow 
Intuitive Empowerment Teacher

(303) 525-7091 call or text

Professional Member of International Enneagram Association

Board Member of the Colorado Chapter of the Enneagram Association 

Member of Colorado Chapter of International Enneagram Association 2015-present

Graduate of 2016 Shift Network – The Enneagram for Healing Practitioners

2002 Graduate of Inner Insight Institute

Student Inner Connection Institute

Certified Yoga Teacher 2013 & Personal Trainer 1996

SW Intenders Facilitator since 2006

Student of Life and more….