Connecting You with YourSelf

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Each offering illuminates the importance of a loving relationship with your-Self; balancing input from your intuitive and logical mind, and consciously aligning thoughts, feelings, and actions with the highest expression. 

In 2013 I obtained my yoga teacher training certification and added yoga and meditation as a way to support personal empowerment.  

What feels like magic continues to unfold -  I believe it can happen to anyone, you too!  
I look forward to meeting and supporting you on your unique and wonderful journey.  Please reach out with any questions. 

Nancy J. Markow 
Intuitive Empowerment Teacher
(303) 525-7091 call or text

Professional Member of International Enneagram Association

Board Member of Colorado Chapter of International Enneagram Association 

2002 Graduate of Inner Insight Institute

1995 - 2005 Student Inner Connection Institute

1996 Personal Trainer Certification

2013 Yoga Teacher Certification

SW Intenders Facilitator since 2006

2016 to Present ongoing Shift Network Courses

Student of Life and moreā€¦.


I am an impassioned teacher, not a doctor, therapist or a life coach.  I offer support for you to step into empowerment through workshops, classes, courses, circles, private sessions, and events. 

If you are interested in receiving intuitive insights, learning and exploring how the laws of energy work and practical tools and perspectives check out what I have to offer.

Connecting You with YourSelf was formed in 2008.  The offerings evolved from studies in Metaphysics, Intuitive Studies, the Enneagram and more. 

All offerings include my personal passion for empowerment and the value of self-awareness and self-reflection.  My instinctive ability to connect, assist and experience, coupled with an intuitive sense, is on purpose.

I am living the life of my dreams by actively practicing the tools I share; I know they work when embraced.  They can work for you!