Heard of the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is both an esoteric spiritual teaching and a scientific based psychological typology.  It supports me, and I know it will support you, to be a better person, a better parent, partner, friend and coworker.

It is a system and a pathway that offers what feels like a blueprint for your Soul!

Enneagram wisdom provides powerful and individual support for all your relationships, beginning with the one you have with yourself.

I’d be honored to share it with you!  

Empowered Living with the Enneagram 

When people first accurately identify their individual Enneagram type, they often describe the experience as something akin to a spiritual awakening.  It can feel like you've found a blueprint of your soul - including all that makes you unique, as well as the similarities that connect us all in ONENESS ~ The Shift Network 

Course Description:
An intensive course for those who know their type and those who are ready to dive into the Enneagram teachings; newcomers and seasoned "Enneagram-ers" alike.

You will not only learn the system but leave the course knowing how to apply the wisdom to enhance your life!   

The course is offered as six classes, with one-on-one support. 

_ What is an Enneagram

_ The Symbol

_ Enneagram of Personalities

_ What's your entry point Type?

_ Building Blocks of the system

_ Choices

_ Using the Enneagram for Personal Growth

Learn the Enneagram wisdom in an intimate learning environment.  4-6 participants per offering. Explore the testimonials of past students to help you understand it's depth. 


Location:  East Morrison, Colorado                   

6 workshops, 3-4 hours each depending on attendees with one-on-one support.  Pay upfront for all 6 or purchase individual classes for $50 per class.  The workbook is now $15.00!!

Pre-Registration for classes is required 
Reach out to schedule a course offering that fits your needs. The classes can be done in an intensive or spread over time.  Gather a few family members, friends or associates and experience the Enneagram magic with them!  

Independent Course Offering: 

The Empowered Living with the Enneagram course is also available for independent or and online supported learning experience.  

Buy the workbook printed - spiral bound for $15.  Take the course on your own, and reach out for individual learning sessions at $60 an hour.

What does the media have to say about the Enneagram?

Business Week  "You've never heard of the Enneagram? This system of personality analysis, once fad- dish pop psychology, is becoming a personnel tool for corporate America."

Esquire  "What sets the Enneagram apart is that it contains such detailed, useful information about what drives us to behave as we do. It's valuable not just for those seeking to understand themselves but also as a source of insights into one's friends, colleagues, and even enemies."

Newsweek  "Now after lurking on the fringes of mysticism and pop psychology for more than 20 years, the Enneagram is turning mainstream and respectable. Last year the Stanford University School of Business course called "Personality, Self-Awareness and Leader- ship" focused on the Enneagram for the first time; the class proved so popular that it will be expanded from 40 to 50 students next winter. The CIA now uses the Enneagram to help agents understand the behavior of individual world leaders. The U.S. Postal Service recently turned to the Enneagram to help employees resolve conflicts. Clergy from the Vatican signed up for an Enneagram seminar last year. And the First international Enneagram Conference, with 1,400 participants who came to Palo Alto, Calif., from as far away as Japan, was cosponsored by Stanford Medical School's department of psychiatry."

Working Woman   "A hot new management idea has just arrived on the scene, Introduced to the West around 1940 by Russian mystic G.I Gurdjieff, the Enneagram is a personality-typing system that groups people into 9 categories. Executives from companies such as Motorola and Marriot have attended workshops devoted to the Enneagram system, and it’s part of the continuing education program at Silicon Graphics. The CIA has even held Enneagram briefings on the behavior of world leaders."

Yoga Journal  "The apparent universality of the Enneagram is a big part of its attraction. People use it to improve themselves and their relationships. Many psychologists and marriage counselors swear by it. Members of the clergy and business managers use it to understand their congregations and subordinates. It is even accepted by academics." - Contra Costa Times "As a guide to human character, behavior and motivation, it has no equal. More practical than typologies derived from conventional psychology, the Enneagram provides a clear and easily recognizable map of nine distinct personality patterns. For most people, it simply rings true."

Connecting You with YourSelf

Enneagram Discussions
Keep your Enneagram journey growing and expanding.  Or attend if you are just curious what Enneagram wisdom is and be exposed.  

This Meetup group meets once a month.

No Fee:  Supported by donations. 

We will be following along the chapters of the 2019 revised Empowered Living with the Enneagram workbook for this series of the Discussions.  The workbooks are available for purchase for a special rate of $15 for those who attend the Discussion. 

All discussions will be free-standing discussions. Come to one or all or a few!  Listen to your inner guidance.  

Enneagram Discussions

Wednesday evenings 7-9 PM

5/22 - The Symbol - A Mandla Meditation

Click here for the Meetup site - learn more and share your RSVP.