The Art of Divining: 
Explore and practice using your intuition as you learn simple body dowsing and finger muscle testing tools.  Add this tool to your everyday 'toolbox' to make choices, access truth in your everyday life; build trust in your intuitive skills. Class runs 3 hours. 

4-6 participants. $40 fee.

Scheduled upon request.

Understanding Your Energy Body :  

Everything is made of energy-including you! Learn about your personal energy vibration and human energy field and experience tapping into and receiving information and creating flow. 

4-6 participants. $40 fee.  
Scheduled upon request.

Connecting You with YourSelf

Tools for Empowered Living:  
Empowered living involves more than understanding the basic laws of science and how neuro-pathways are created. It takes honest and conscious awareness of your behaviors and focus.  

This Workshop offers exercises and tools rooted in both ancient and modern science.  They inspire conscious choice and the importance of consistent daily effort. 

 4-6 participants. $40 fee
Scheduled upon request

All-Level Empowerment Yoga: 

Community Yoga 

Sunday mornings

10 reservations accepted

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Club USA Yoga and Meditation 
Wednesdays 10:45 AM.  Inquire about membership at Club or getting a free guest pass.