Weekly SW Intenders  (Donation Supported)
A circle that supports being at highest expression.  It is a place to learn "tools" through discussions, practices, experiences, movies and more.  All are welcome, space allows 15 at a time. 

Listen at this link or read below what 2018 participants shared: 

"Giving myself permission to do something for me."

"The open-mindedness, learning mindset of the participants."

"The variety of activities, the location, 
and the facility."

"Having the opportunity to get away and just relax, while at the same time, making deep connections with old friends and new. Creating, laughing and learning together was a very powerful thing. O honestly didn't know what to expect and it was phenomenal!"

"Meeting a group of wonderful people and connecting in a non-judgmental environment that fostered my creativity. I loved everything about it."
"The profound sense of openness and authenticity of the attendees."

Humor and Heart Spring Retreat

Women's Creativity Retreat
Watch video from the 2018 offering

Oct 3rd - 6th, 2019
Sunshine Mountain Lodge, Allenspark, CO
Register at this link

This year's collection of presenters will invite you into more creative exploration, Enneagram concepts and ways to deepen or start a meditation practice. 

Connecting You with YourSelf

 Meetups and Speical Events

Check out my interview with Pace Smith on her Wild and Crazy Meaningful  Enneagram Podcast

Heard of Non-Violent Communication (NVC)?

The Heart of the Matter – an evening on how to have a compassionate conversation with Kathy ZiolaWednesday, 5/15 7-9PM

Space allows up to 20 participants – supported by donation – RSVP at https://www.meetup.com/Connecting-you-with-yourSelf/events/  - call me, Nancy Markow at 303-515-7091 with any questions. 

The Art of Divining 

​Tap into your innate wisdom

Have you ever had the experience of actually being drawn or repelled physically to or away from something? 

This innate body wisdom reaction can be practiced and cultivated to share support wisdom for you to navigate life. 

Have you ever gone to a practitioner and they have done "muscle testing" on you with an arm or another part of your body?  Do you know what can interfere with accuracy with this kind of testing and what can support accuracy? 

Learn and explore the Art of Divining!

Thursday, June 13th 6:30-8:30

at the Peace Cellar, Englewood, CO 

Tickets $20 - purchase in advance at www.peacecellar.com 

All-Level Empowerment Yoga: 

Community Yoga 

Most Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM

8 spots - Donation supported

Learn more and share your RSVP here

Yoga and Meditation at Club USA
Wed 10:45 AM, (occasionally other times)

Inquire about membership at the Club or get a free guest pass by asking me for one!

Monthly Connect, Create and Chat...

A playful social time to gather with like-minded folks and create something. (I have made a whole set of dishes, dessert plates, and tea mugs!) 

Explore any limits about your creative talents and laugh with friends new and old while you do!

Meet at Hot Pots in downtown Littleton, and pay your fees. 

Friday - May 10th 3:00-4:00 PM

Monday - June 17th 4:00-5:00 PM

Log onto Meetup at this link to share your RSVP

May 30th - June 2nd, 2019
Joyful Journey Hot Springs

Learn more and register at this link

Would embracing humor support you? 

Are you feeling the love?

Open your heart and mind, and join Alissa and me for Humor and Heart Retreat, at Joyful Journey Hot Springs, outside of Salida, Colorado - May 30-June 2nd.

This spring weekend getaway offers you time to relax in the hot springs, connect with new friends (and old if you invite them too) and explore new ideas.

Maura Burgesswill open the retreat with “Fearless Play" guiding participants in funny, and fun activities and exercises that release fears and inhibitions that hold you back.  Maura is a Spiritual / Life Comedian and speaker, she is the founder of the "Sacred over-serious" experience where people are invited to tap into their joyful, silly side, realizing the power of showing up as themselves.

Noelle Vignola, author of Into Your Meditation, will teach us amazing ways to use our breath (it is so much more than what you think!).  Noelle is a dynamic presenter.  Her workshop supports relaxation and de-stressing, as well as ways to rejuvenate and maintain health.

Melissa Kennedy brings an experience that always brings out a joyful connection. Her partner yoga workshop has been a big hit with Intenders and the participants at last years women's retreat.

Alissa Norton and I will both share Enneagram workshops, and I will guide you in meaningful morning yoga sessions.

Doesn't that all sound exciting?

It gets better!  Ever slept in a T-Pee?  How about a Yurt?  Now's your chance.  You can always opt for a hotel room if you not feeling that adventurous.

Learn more and reserve your spot with $175 deposit.

​​​​"Thank you for your comforting spiritual insights throughout the year. You really have been a positive force in my life!" - Paulette, Intender

Join the Circle...

​Tuesdays, 7-9 PM


04/30 - Checking in on your Intentions

05/07 - Retrain your Brain

05/14 - Increasing Self-Esteem

05/21 - Be a Visionary!

05/28 - Attract it Game Night (6 players)

06/04 - What have you learned? 

06/11 - Are you creating your own problems?

06/18 - Summer Solstice Party

06/25 - Breaking Free


15 reservations accepted for most events  Click on link to share your RSVP