Reminders assist your focus; reminding you that your life experiences are directly affected by the choices of your perception – thoughts, feelings, and actions. Align yourself with your desired way of being!

You are creating your future with your thoughts and feelings.

So, what are your thoughts? What are you feeling?

Are you perusing puzzles and problems of the past, of the now, perusing problems of the world; looking for reasons to feel bad? 

Are you repeating old thoughts, feelings, beliefs that do not serve you well? 

Or, are you looking for reasons to feel good, looking for new thoughts, new feelings that do serve you well? You get to focus on whatever you want to focus on, whatever you want to create. You get to choose!

Do your thoughts make you feel better or worse?


Reminder clings are available at for $2.00 each.

4 x 4 squares  

Use in your bathroom kitchen, office, car and any other places you hang out.  In seven days, move them!

I will mail them to you; be sure to send your mailing address.  

Connecting You with YourSelf