Connecting You with YourSelf


"Only you can come to understand the complex inner workings of your own mind, and you must be willing to spend  the time and effort that gaining such insight requires."  ~ Napoleon Hill 

I am a professional intuitive, skilled in working with and sensing messages from your energy body.  I am an impassioned teacher and facilitator sharing concepts and tools that I have personally used to align my life.  I am a seasoned certified yoga instructor. (I am not a therapist, Coach or Doctor.)

Private sessions are for when you are ready to gain clarity; when you are seeking assistance to shift perceptions and match with your highest expression desires. Session(s) will be at your own pace and in accordance with your desired outcome. 

Sessions are described below.  Appointments can be in person, via phone 303-525-7091, or via email. Reach out to schedule. Customary fee is $60.00 per hour.​

Empowerment Session:  In this session you will experience a combination of intuitive insights, suggestions for supportive perception shifts, positive living tools and energetic support to create alignment with your personal power. You will leave, living life more on purpose with a deeper understanding of your choices. 

Energy Alignment Session:  Everything is made of energy - including you!  Your energetic body is malleable. This session focuses on how the flow or lack of flow is affecting your life. You will receive intuitive insights, energetic support to encourage your energetic flow, and specific tools to keep your energy flowing after you leave.

Private Enneagram Session: Are you interested in learning Enneagram wisdom privately or do you desire to have a follow-up session that focuses on your specific Enneagram journey?Schedule a one-on-one Enneagram session just for you. 

Dream Interpretation: Do you wonder what your dreams are trying to tell you? Your dreams hold messages in the form of symbolism. Attempting to understand your dreams logically, like thinking with your conscious mind; often results in a wrong message or deeming the dream as 'nonsense.'  Each unique or seemingly 'weird' part of your dream holds an important message.

Email me your dream specifics, in as much detail as possible, (, I will respond with your important message.  Pay via the PayPal link; $20.00 per dream.