Connecting You with YourSelf

PERSONAL SESSIONS -  Read Testimonials!

          "Only you can come to understand the complex inner workings of your own mind, 

         and you must be willing to spend  the time and effort that gaining such insight requires."  

                                                                          ~ Napoleon Hill 

I am a professional intuitive, skilled in working with 
messages from your energy body.  I am an impassioned teacher and facilitator sharing concepts and tools that I have personally used to align my life.  I am a seasoned certified yoga instructor and facilitator. 

                              I am an intuitive teacher, not a Therapist, Coach or Doctor

Private sessions are for when you are ready to gain clarity; when you are seeking assistance to shift perceptions and match with your highest expression desires. Session(s) will be at your own pace and in accordance with your desired outcome. 

                    "Thank you for your comforting spiritual insights throughout the year.

                          You really have been a positive force in my life!" ~ Paulette

Sessions are personal to your needs or choose one from below: Appointments can be in person, via phone 303-525-7091, or via email. Reach out to schedule. The customary fee is $60.00 per hour.

Empowerment Session:  explore mental-emotional and energetic aspects of your being.  Receive a combination of intuitive insights, suggestions for supportive perception shifts, positive living tools, and energetic support. Leave feeling more on purpose and with a deeper understanding of your choices. 

Energy Alignment Session:  Everything is made of energy - including you!  Your energetic body is malleable. Energetic support and intuitive insights that encourage alignment with your purpose, dreams, and desires.  

Private Enneagram Session: Enneagram wisdom supports a deeper understanding of why you do what you do and the choices you have.  You can move out of unsupportive ways of thinking, feeling and doing.  Purchase the Empowered Living with the Enneagram workbook and schedule private sessions to support your learning journey. 

Couples Enneagram Session: Couples includes partners like an intimate significant other, or a parent and adult child, siblings, relatives, friends, or business partners-associates.  If you and the person you are partnering with both know your Enneagram type (not just from doing a screening, but from your heart), this session is a great way to explore ways to have more empathy, understanding, improved conversations, and mutual goals.  2-hour minimum