Mark your Calendar

8/22 - Experience: Buddhist Chanting

8/29 - Movie Night - Steven Greer - Unacknowledged

9/5 - Discussion: Law of Giving and Receiving

9/12 - Tool - Intention Practice

9/19 - Discussion: What if wonderful happened?

9/26 - Experience: Acrobatic partner (gentle) yoga

10/3 - Discussion: What you resist persists

10/10 - Tool: Creating good habits

10/17 - Practice: Choose a Heart-Response Instead

10/24 - Tools:  More tools for your Toolbox

10/31 - Movie: Radical Wholeness - Philip Shepard

11/7 - Discussion: The Integrity Experiment

(Donation supported - we set a value at $45, some attendees share more, others share less; some share in ways outside of monetary means - we welcome all appreciations and support. We know the experience will support your abundance and joy. )

Past participants shared "the experience felt magical, it opened doors within me to observe, reflect and grow." 

Each of the meditations combines Chakra and Enneagram wisdom building upon each other and invite you to realize something deeper about yourself. 

Crystal Singing Bowls add healing vibrational sound. 

"This experiential event creates an energetic imprint that stays with me. I leave the studio feeling happy and peaceful, yet it is in the weeks that follow that I see the type of incredible positive change I’ve come to expect. This time, it was only 5 days before I saw my expressed desire for a “jump start” begin to unfold from every direction in my life! I’ve already enrolled for the next one."   Diane Floerchinger/Denver/April 2017

A committed reservation and the courtesy of attending the full experience (arriving on time) respects you, us and the other participants. 

20 participants - by reservation only

Offerings are in Lakewood - 20 participants at a time

Sunday, September 3rd, arrive 12:45 (1:00-4:00 PM)

Sunday, October 22nd, arrive 12:45 (1:00-4:00 PM)

Sunday, November 5th, arrive 12:45 (1:00-4:00 PM)  

Click here to Reserve your spot, share questions or connect today!

IEA-CO Enneagram Discussions:

This Meetup is open to both experienced Enneagramers and those curious about Enneagram wisdom.  We gather on the last Monday of each month from 7:00-9:00 PM.  $5.00 fee/IEA-CO members are free. 

Monday, August 28th - Topic: Tri-Types Explained with Jan Shegda

More information and to RSVP - log onto Enneagram Discussions Meetup.  


SW Intenders: 
(Donation Supported)

We gather weekly to practice and support Positive Living.   We cultivate awareness using gratitude, positive living tools and powerful intentions.  We set a course for living with purpose and well-being.  This circle meets Tuesday evenings from 7-9 PM. 

RSVP required at SW Intenders Meetup.

Check out my interview with Pace Smith on her Wild and Crazy Meaningful  Enneagram Podcast


Connecting You with YourSelf

Experiential Meditations

An experience that will nurture your soul and invite you into a deeper connection with yourSelf. 

This offering combines restorative yoga, hand mudras, crystal vibrational healing bowls, and meditations that include Enneagram and Chakra wisdom.  You will learn two energetic tools, that assist you with presence and well-being.