Connecting You with YourSelf


SW Intenders:  (Donation Supported)

A circle that supports being at highest expression.  A place to learn "tools" through discussions, practices, experiences, movies and more. 

All are welcome, space allows 15 at a time. 

RSVP required at SW Intenders Meetup.

Experiential Meditations

An experience that will nurture your soul and invite you into a deeper connection with yourSelf. 

This offering combines meditation, energetic exercises, gentle yoga, powerful hand mudras, crystal healing bowls, with healing touch for a nurturing delicious experience. 

The meditations build upon each other, inviting you into an inner exploration. 


IEA-CO Enneagram Discussions:

We gather on the last Monday of each month from 7:00-9:00 PM.  $5.00 fee/IEA-CO members are free. 

Monday, January 29th  

Topic: Type Compatibility 

Learn more IEA-CO Meetup 

Check out my interview with Pace Smith on her Wild and Crazy Meaningful  Enneagram Podcast


Mark your Calendar

12/12 - 7 ways to think, create and manifest

12/19 - Are we as open-minded as we think? 

12/26 - No Circle - Happy Holidays!

01/02 - Have you listened to yourself lately?

01/09 - Feed what you want to grow!

01/16 - Eye gazing exercise

​01/23 - Things that block Spiritual Growth

​01/30 - Movie Night - TBA


(Donation supported - we set a value at $45, some attendees share more, others share less; some share in ways outside of monetary means - we welcome all appreciation and support. We know the experience will support your abundance and joy. )

Past participants share...

"the experience felt magical, it opened doors within me to observe, reflect and grow." 

"This experiential event creates an energetic imprint that stays with me. I leave the studio feeling happy and peaceful, yet it is in the weeks that follow that I see the type of incredible positive change I’ve come to expect. This time, it was only 5 days before I saw my expressed desire for a “jump start” begin to unfold from every direction in my life! I’ve already enrolled for the next one."   Diane Floerchinger/Denver/April 2017

A committed reservation and the courtesy of attending the full experience (arriving on time) respects you, us and the other participants. 

12 participants - by reservation only

Offerings are at Rishi's Community Yoga

Sunday, December 3rd, arrive 12:45 (1:00-4:00 PM

Sunday, January 21st, arrive 12:45 (1:00-4:00 PM)

Sunday, February 18th, arrive 12:45 (1:00-4:00 PM) 

Click here to Reserve your spot, share questions or connect today!